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We designed the robust IoT communications modules that have helped Farmbot become Australia's fastest-growing farm automation systems provider.


We developed the Bluetooth-connected smart meter monitoring system that's helped Powerpal achieve mass market success in Australia.


We’ve helped PeopleKey establish their position as the leading Australian designed and made biometric access control and time and attendance solution.

Home Automation System

We integrated a luxury seating system's control electronics with a mobile app and AWS Cloud to support mobile device and voice commands.

Corsonis® COR-S™

We partnered with medtech start-up CORSONIS to create the COR-S, a wireless, wearable, heart sounds monitor at the heart of their revolutionary cardiac diagnostics system.


We developed a complete solar pool heating controller, including an outdoor rated enclosure and wireless remote water temperature sensors.

Emotiv® Insight™

We overcame the 'INSIGHT' EEG headset’s design challenges to get it from concept to production. Today it's Emotiv's award-winning, multi-million dollar per annum flagship product.

Emotiv® EPOC FLEX™

We developed the world's first clinical-grade, 32-channel wireless EEG skull cap. Another first for yet another client.

Emotiv® EPOC+™

We achieved professional-quality 14-channel EEG monitoring in a compact, battery-powered, wirelessly connected headset. Another world first.

Emotiv® MN8™

We engineered first-of-their-kind Bluetooth stereo earbuds with integrated 2-channel EEG, that are allowing developers to create unique brain activity-aware apps.


We researched key enabling technologies for a cargo drone concept and assessed their ability to fulfill a range of Defence requirements.

Nuheara® IQ-MAX™

We engineered the miniaturised electronics that helped Nuheara fast-track the global launch of their ground-breaking programmable wireless earbuds.


We went on to help design Nuheara's smart earbud charging case, with power management that delivered unheard of battery life for its day.

Nuheara® IQstream™

We designed a Bluetooth interface to provide earbud connectivity with any device with a 2.5mm audio jack, that does not have native Bluetooth capability.

Abberfield® WDS HMI

We re-engineered the control and payment system for Australia's largest provider of water dispensing stations, to improve reliability and remote manageability.

Cardiac Output Monitor

We reviewed a complex medical product with a view to attracting funding for a redesign to make it fit for clinical trials and production.

Respiratory Care

We developed the controls for a proof-of-concept respiratory therapy device that offered enhanced features and precision control, at a lower cost than the market leader.

Oartec® OTM-2™ Monitor

We developed the feature-rich graphical user interface for the DX rowing training machine, created by former Australian world champion rower, Matt Roach, to help him compete successfully in export markets.


We partnered with Namadgi to create the AFL 'shot-clock' system that overlays a hi-fidelity countdown timer and graphics onto live AFL television broadcasts.

Post PNG® Electronic PO Box

Years before electronic package lockers appeared at post offices in Australia, we developed the world's first modular, keyless, PO Box, featuring e-Ink touch panels.

HAL® Audio

We designed a complete Home Theatre and audio distribution system, including a programmable amplifier hub, remote speaker amplifiers and custom enclosures.

FOMOfx® Virtual Jeff™

Developed in partnership with Cold Chisel band members, Virtual Jeff was the world's first digital whammy bar.

Precision Audio Stompboxes

We engineered a range of guitar stompboxes with silent switching and true bypass that deliver exceptional audio quality.

D2P® (Design To Production)

We helped D2P create the world's first remotely monitorable Digital Out Of Home advertising display management solution - that also includes remote mood lighting control!

PCB Test Jigs

We help clients get their PCBs into production and improve yields by creating PCBA test and programming jigs and test procedures.

P4P Promotions

We helped create a compact, low cost electroluminescent display that unobtrusively delivers promotional messages in ride share vehicles.

TSA Software®

We developed a PABX management interface that linked to TSA's cloud call reporting system, to provide smart call analytics for any PABX.

NURPower® Solar

We developed a pay-as-you-go control system for the STIMA™ Home Solar System, which allows users to unlock the system using prepaid voucher codes.


We designed an intelligent airflow management system for commercial kitchens that has helped our client's customers save millions in power bills annually since the product's successful launch.

Beebox™ Power Monitor

Created for remote communities where energy costs are higher, BEEbox sends usage data from a power meter via a wireless connection to a simple-to-understand user interface that shows power usage and cost, versus pre-set limits.

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'Farmbot' is a registered trading name of Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, Sydney (Australia).

'PowerPal' is a registered trading name of PowerPal Pty Ltd, Sydney (Australia).

'PoeopleKey' is a registered trading name of PeopleKey Pty Ltd, Sydney (Australia).

'Corsonis' is a registered trading name of Corsonis Pty Ltd, Melbourne (Australia).

'TSA' is a registered trading name of TSA Software Solutions, Queensland (Australia).

'Insight' is a registered trademark of Emotiv Inc, California (USA).

'Virtual Jeff' is a registered trademark of FOMOfx Pty Ltd, Sydney (Australia).

'CONDOR' is a trademark of Anglo Pacific Import Export Pty Ltd, Sydney (Australia).

'Oartec' is a registered trading name of Oartec Australia, Sydney (Australia).

'Nuheara' is a registered trading name of Nuheara Ltd, Perth (Australia).

'VentSmart' is a registered trademark of VentSmart Solutions, Tuggerah (Australia).

'Beebox' is a registered trademark of the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT), Alice Springs (Australia).