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'DTAC' Solar Pool Heater Controller

About the DTAC-100

'DTAC' is a feature-rich solar pool heating system controller. It was created in reponse to market requests for improved over-voltage protection and simplified user controls in a compact, highly reliable outdoor-rated enclsoure.

The development encompassed Amatek's proven capabilities in delivering highly reliable, manufacturable designs that meet tight cost contraints, while demanding features typically only found on more expensive devices.

The Brief

To create a solar controller that delivered the features of top-end pool heating control systems, such as auxillary pump control and integration with supplementary (e.g. gas) heating systems, with wireless connectivity to allow remote control from a portable device such as a mobile phone or tablet computer.

Product Features

The project included design of:

  • The embedded systems, including electronics and firmware.
  • The solar-powered rooftop temperature sensor with wired and wireless connectivity module to DTAC main controller.
  • The mobile app for remote operation of DTAC and download of activity and sensor logs to optimising heating cycle settings.
  • The enclosures (main controller and rooftop sensor) and mechanicals, including mounting systems and electrical interconnects.

Design improvements requested (vs the market leading products):

  • Daylight readable display.
  • Intuitive control interface for checking rooftop water temperature, and setting maximum and minimum temperatures to determine pump on/off.
  • Over-current protection for attached pump motors.

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